Site down while I continue to procrastinate.
Here are some panoramas until whenever I get around to implementing something more interesting.

This particular panorama is from the Colony 9 map of the Wii version of Xenoblade Chronicles. It was composed by taking photos of a projector screen using a tripod-mounted camera, as I pointed the game's camera around on actual Wii hardware, as opposed to using Dolphin and its free camera mode. The game only has a third person camera which swings around the party, so it also involved much masking out of characters and any other near-field geometry, and probably some patching of imperfect seams here and there. It was time consuming, but I'm pretty pleased with the result, given the circumstances.

The one below is from the day version of the Promenade map in Lawbreakers, the greatest multiplayer FPS ever made.

The one below is a view of The Reach from Sundered Towers in Skyrim, the greatest version of the game Skyrim ever made.