About the Site

This website is a collection of stuff I feed to the Internet.

It currently uses WordPress with Themehall’s Omega theme, plus a couple trivial, kludgy modifications by me to make it a bit more compact and minimalist in spots.  My face is the best interface for prompt communication, but if access that way is impractical, I can also be reached as “particlese” via several electronic communication methods, including Gmail.

Legal junk:  Wordpress and the Omega theme are GPL licensed, so if you want to see my modifications to them, either look at the CSS or tell me you want to see where I put some slashes in a PHP file. Unless otherwise noted, original content on this site is under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.  For screenshots of games, arrangements of existing music, photos of things, and other variously legally ambiguous content, I claim fair use or freedom of panorama, as appropriate.  Any non-website code is under the WTFPL.  Holes in these proposals will be interpolated over reasonably, but I should be contacted if you find or do something legally interesting and ambiguous regarding the stuff you find here.  Non-legally:  Good for you if you actually read all this!